One Step Closer!!!

I am so excited, I’m floating on cloud nine right as I type this.  I have been waiting anxiously for two weeks to hear back from my landlord about having another dog in my home, and for a moment there I was really starting to worry!  They live in Hong Kong, so it’s not a simple text or phone call, it’s through e-mail and it has been two of the longest weeks of my life.  I am so pleased to say that my landlords are AMAZING and have granted me permission to have another dog, so the first thing I did was submit my application to CCI.  I am so over the moon about it right now that I can hardly put it into words.  I have been dreaming of the day that I would be able to raise again, and it finally feels like my dream is coming true.  The next step is a phone interview, and then my home inspection and then I will be on my way to bringing my boy home!  I truly feel like God is at work here, and I am giving it all to Him.  I don’t want to do this for me, rather I want to glorify God and do things in my life here that will honor Him.  I am so blessed that I have been given the heart and talent to be a part of something so incredible.  I owe everything I have to the one who gave it all!

I missed this weeks meeting because of Halloween, and I had made a promise to stay home and hand out candy to the gouls and goblins running around our neighborhood, but I imagine it was a great time.  I heard there would be puppies in costumes, and it was also the Bone Voyage party for those puppies turning in this month.  I was disappointed to miss it, but I know that I will be around for many more hootenanies.

Last week I had the pleasure of working with a CC’d (Career Changed) dog that came along with her human.  There was something spectacular that happened the moment I took the leash and her big brown eyes zoned on me like “hey, what are we doing, where are we going, I’m all yours.”  Something clicked inside of me and I just felt at home.  With every “up” “jump” “under” and “here”, I was falling more and more in love.  I have had a feeling for a very long time that this would be the school for me, but when I was working with that pretty yellow lab, I knew instantly that this was it.  This is what I wanted to do.  I ended the class with a “lap” and a “visit” and left with yellow hair all over me, treats in my pocket and a smile on my face.  And that smile has followed me to this very moment here.  I am so very excited, as I know I’ve said a million times and I know I will say it a million times more.  I definitely know I’m into something good here, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.  Cheers to being one step closer than I was yesterday!!


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