A Birthday, a Bonfire and a whole lot of experiences!

Friday morning I recieved a giant package on my doorstep.  Inside was a plethora of CCI related things.  From Gentle Leaders, to medical records, to Helaine’s CCI identification tag.  You name it, and I probably recieved it.  I also recieved her puppy cape and let me tell you, she looks absolutely adorable in it.  Well, truthfully she’s always adorable.  Don’t believe me?  Have a look for yourself!


See what I mean!  Look at those melt-your-heart eyes.  Soooo adorable.  She started out wanting to play with it, rather than wear it.  But the second time I put it on her, she left it alone.  The gentle leader on the other hand?  Well, she wants to kill it.  We’ll work on that. 

On Saturday, I wanted desperately to give her a bath.  When she got her tattoo, ink got EVERYWHERE.  So instead of just the green ear, she has a green shoulder as well.  And quite frankly, I’m over the well-traveled smell.  It’s not particularly gross, it’s just…not clean.  I realized half way through the day, that I had forgotten puppy shampoo.  Well you know what that means!  A trip to Petco was in store.  We also practiced loving the car and calmly laying on the floorboard.  I’m not necessarily sure if that’s a skill that is desired, but when I was raising guide dogs it was quite possibly the most respectable place for a puppy to ride when not in the crate.  This is how she felt about her first outing:


Yep, she fell asleep.  She was absolutely wonderful in the car.  I’m hoping she takes to it quickly so traveling with the crate won’t be as frequent.  It’s not so bad now because her crate is so little.  But she’s not going to stay little forever.  In fact, I think she’s grown a ton since I got her.  She probably really hasn’t, but in my mind she has. 

She was wonderful at Petco.  I didn’t spend a lot of time having her walk around as there were a few different organizations there for pet adoptions, as well as vaccine clinics set up.  It was much too chaotic for a tiny puppy to try to maneuver and I didn’t want to expose her to too much too fast.  But, she really wasn’t disturbed by any of the hustle and bustle of the trip.  It was really only about 10 minutes in and out, but she was still so calm and collected.  She also met herself in the mirror in the grooming salon.  It was absolutely adorable.  I wish I had that on film!

Saturday was a particularly beautiful and warm day, and wasn’t at all typical March weather.  When we got home we spent some time just basking in the warm sun.  Helaine enjoyed every minute of it.  Maybe for a moment she felt she was back in that California sunshine.  While basking in the perfect golden rays, she was exposed to a lawn mower, a weed eater and a leaf blower.  She also came face to face with the vacuum cleaner earlier in the day.  Apparently she thinks she has a new toy in that one. She wasn’t at all concerned with any of them.  In fact, she was more curious than anything.  Below is a picture of her looking towards the leaf blower. 


We had an impromtu barbecue with friends, and a bonfire to round out the night.  It’s so rare to be able to do that in March, we had to take that opportunity and run with it.  I didn’t know how Helaine would handle the bonfire, but I sat out in the grass with her and reassured her that things were okay.  She had zero worries.  What an easy going girl she seems to be. 



See?  No worries.  Not even for a second.  She was just perfect.  I am constantly impressed with how confident she is.  And I know that she still isn’t completely acclimated to her new home, as she still won’t eat a full cup of food at any sitting.  Well, scratch that.  She has eaten her full meal just twice since I’ve had her.  Every other time she leaves about a quarter of a cup behind.  Sometimes (like this morning) she leaves most of it.  Silly girl. 

Sunday was my birthday, and unfortunately I was coming down with a nasty sore throat (hoping it’s not Strep but fairly sure it probably is.)  Because I was feeling so crummy I slept most of the day, waking up to tend to Helaine and play with her, feed her, and let her outside to hurry.  By the way, she is a champ already.  She’s had an accident or two, but they were my fault completely.  We don’t take any longer than about 2 minutes outside.  She knows what Hurry means!  Hooray! In my awake hours, I would spend as much time snuggling with her as possible because I felt so terrible that I was almost (for lack of better words) neglecting her.  She was unphased by anything.  I love this little girl.


Her favorite place is right in my lap.


She was extra snuggly yesterday.

I’m really enjoying my time with her so far.  I know that our bond will only get stronger.  Watching her personality unfold as she becomes more and more comfortable in our home has been so fun.  I am so so thankful that I have found my way back to puppy raising, and I’m so glad I chose CCI.  I have been blessed by both the organization, and the people I’ve met in my chapter.  I volunteer with some of the most amazing, caring, and loving people ever and I cherish every moment I get to spend with them! 



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