Rain Rain…


This is the song I’ve been singing to myself all weekend.  The last few days of March and the first few days in April were uncharacteristically warm for early spring, and I got used to it when I knew I shouldn’t.  Washington State is known for rain, rain, an occasional sunny day, followed by more rain with the possibility of a windstorm followed by loss of power for hours on end.  Maybe I’m exaggerating, or maybe I’m not.  Can you tell I’m a bit jaded?  Don’t get me wrong, I love the beautiful state I have been blessed to call home, but would a few weeks of warm consistent sunshine be too much to ask?  Apparently it is.  Stupid question.

Alright, now that I have the rain rant out of the way, I will move on to the real topic of this post.  I woke up Saturday morning craving adventure.  Helaine hadn’t had a good outing in about a week and I wanted to get her out there and do something fun!  When I took her outside in the morning, it was overcast but wasn’t raining yet.  I figured we would walk around the outlet mall, picking and choosing which stores to go in to for a quick trip around and back out the door.  I got my girl all fed and ready to go, and decided to hurry her outside once more before putting her in the car.  In the five minutes we were outside, the sky opened up and drenched us both.  We were shivering and miserable, and I decided I was going to bag the trip and try again on Sunday.  We spent the day at home relaxing in the warmth and dry, and played downstairs in our basement to try to get her energy out.  It almost worked…almost.

I woke up Sunday morning to the sound of pouring rain again and I was instantly annoyed.  This time I was determined to  outwit mother nature and her need to rain on my parade.  When the rain broke, I took my girl outside to hurry, which she did in record time.  I can always rely on her to get down to business.  I gathered her things and raced out the front door, and the rain was picking up again.  Once we got in the car, we were both in pretty good shape.  Not much rain touched us and we were still looking pretty sharp.  Ah ha…a victory!

We pulled into the parking lot at our favorite store, Petco.  I think she loves it so much because we always always always walk out with a new toy in hand.  I worked for Petco a few years ago as a certified dog groomer, and I still have lots of friends there, so we go and visit every couple of weeks.  After a good visit, we approached the register with our bounty.  Helaine got a new Nylabone ring that she absolutely can’t get enough of, and a “durable, chew proof” monkey.  Notice the quotations around durable and chew proof?  My monster was born with the jaws of life.  She can chew through almost anything.  I’ve never had such a destructive puppy!  Needless to say, she chewed through parts of it in about five minutes.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with this girl. 

I think the coolest part of this trip, was what Helaine got to experience!  She met a baby Wallaby.  He was in a carrier worn on the employee’s chest, it kind of resembled a front pack for kids.  Helaine didn’t even react!  I think it was because she was getting attention to the human attatched to him.  I so wish I had a picture.  What a fun experience for her!

13 WEEKS 1

Helaine in the grooming Salon. 

The rain was still coming down as we exited Petco, but I was still determined to visit one or two more places.  I had a couple of items I really needed from the local Fred Meyer and I decided to test my girl a little bit.  (Side Note:  Fred’s is my favorite grocery store, and I know it like the back of my hand.  I had two items I needed, so I knew exactly where to find them and which path I would take.  Any other store, I probably would have used more caution in.  This time I decided to push her limits a little bit, but only because I knew she could handle it.  And guess what…She did!)  We hurried in the bark in one of the planters and sped walked to the front door.  After a quick “wait” we proceeded through the sliding doors.  She was excited, and I could see it in her cute little puppy prance.

I grabbed a hand basket, and Helaine sat in a Heel, looking up at me and waiting for the next command.  With a quick “let’s go” we were off on our journey to our first item, Eggs.  We dipped into the frozen food section and all of a sudden Helaine puts on the breaks.  I whip my head around in fear that she has found a perfect place to Hurry.  Thank goodness my fears were not realized, she just saw a display that worried her.  With a little bit of love, she was confident enough to carry on passed the intimidating display and we were back on track.  We weave in and out of people and carts (who knew it would be so crazy) and get to the eggs.  I command a sit, and she does, looking up at me with her big, brown melt-your-heart eyes. 

After taking an extra long time browsing the eggs and seeing how long I could keep her focused, I decided it was time to move right a long.  The entire time, turning heads and causing many to comment on how cute she is, but only two people asked to pet her.  I allowed only one person the opportunity to greet her.  The first time her focus was a little off and she wasn’t ready.  The second time, she sat perfectly and accepted the greeting!  She’s got a long way to go with calm greetings, but this was a little victory. 

Our next stop was the soup aisle.  They were having a great sale on all soups, so it was quite the challenge to get there.  Once we wiggled our way through the sea of people, and found what we were looking for I decided I would snap a few quick shots of Helaine, looking adorable and minding her manners.  This is, afterall her first REAL shopping experience.  I know I posted a few weeks ago about our Safeway and Walmart adventure, but this was the first time we walked in, around and out without having to carry her.  It was a milestone!

13 WEEKS 4

“Eggs?  Check!  Soup?  Check!  Puppy Treats?  Puhhleease!”

13 WEEKS 3

She’s got this being out in public thing down!

After taking a few pictures of the cutness at the other end of the leash, we were close to her limit and I knew we had to get out of there fast if we wanted to keep the outing successful.  Lucky us, we got behind THE slowest. Lady. Ever.  And by ever, I mean like the history of forever and beyond that.  She just would not move.  While I try to be as patient as possible, I was on a mission to make this outing a positive experience and save us from embarassment!  So after following her for a few aisles, I weaved around her into the self check out, took five minutes to ring myself up and pay and out the door we went.  It was at that moment, the sky REALLY opened up, and dumped not only rain, but pellets of hail right onto us.  That ended our outing right there.  We were both soaked to the bone.  At least we got in a couple of good experiences.  Well played Mother Nature, Well played.

13 WEEKS 2

One last picture, Helaine fell asleep like this between Petco and Fred Meyers. Notice her front feet barely touching the floor? It amazes me the positions she falls asleep in.


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