Helaine’s First Sweet 16

Can you believe Helaine is 16 weeks old?!  Okay, so she’s not TECHNICALLY 16 weeks until tomorrow.  But considering tomorrow is Wednesday and I have one heck of a Wordless Wednesday picture in mind, I’m jumping the gun and posting about it today.  I cannot even believe that my girl is already 16 weeks old.  I remember bringing her home and saying “I love cute tiny puppies, but I really can’t wait till she’s 16 weeks old.”  At that time I had seven weeks ahead of me and it seemed like we wouldn’t get there.  But we’re here and now the day I brought her home seems like a lifetime ago already. 

Now, you may be wondering why exactly I couldn’t wait for her to reach the 16 week mark.  Well, the main reason is that she is now FULLY vaccinated and free to go wherever our hearts desire.  I also love this age because things are clicking and she actually understands commands and is eager to learn new things.  Don’t get me wrong, training has been quite lovely with this girl.  But now is the time that she actually has a list of commands under her vest, and she can execute them when asked.  She’s more reliable on the “Hurry” command, she can handle more outings and more places, and all in all things really start to pick up at the 16 week mark.  I don’t want to rush our time together, but I am quite happy that we’ve made it to this first milestone.

In honor of Helaine’s four month birthday, I decided to list four of my absolute favorite things about her! 

1)  She is always always always happy to see me when I get home.  When I walk through my bedroom door and let her out of her crate, it doesn’t matter if she has to Hurry or not she will crawl into my lap and just love on me.  I work in the Health Insurance industry and I have a really stressful job.  She is always capable of melting away my stress just by giving me the unconditional love she was born to give.  I love her for a lot of reasons, but this one by far tops the list.

2)  She makes me laugh every. single. day.  The last few weeks without her noticing, I’ve been observing her while she plays by herself.  She has gotten to the point where she will throw her toys into the air or across the room, just so she can fetch them and shake them around.  When we are outside in the yard, she tucks her tail and will run as fast as her short little legs will go.  She is a comedian.

3)  She loves to learn.  Training has been relatively easy simply because she’s alway wanting to learn and work.  As I’ve stated, she is familiar with 25 of her required 30 commands.  While she doesn’t necessarily execute them on command every single time, she does know what they mean and how to perform them.  I still think 25 commands at 16 weeks is impressive.

4)  She has the confidence of a lion.  She hasn’t met a challenge she can’t overcome.  She has had a couple moments where she isn’t sure about what she’s seeing but she quickly gets over what little apprehension she had and continues on the adventure.  Stairs have been a breeze, and changing surfaces has had little effect on her.  She can handle anything I throw at her (so far) and I hope she keeps this type of confidence up!

Helaine is remarkable and I know that she is destined for greatness.  She has so much ahead of her and she’s going to change the lifes of so many people.  How do I know?  Well, she’s already changed mine.


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