Helaine Goes to the Sitter’s

Far before I even knew I was going to be a puppy raiser again, I knew I was officiating a wedding in June.  This is going to be my first wedding as an ordained minister, and I am thrilled that I just so happen to be marrying two very dear friends.  With weddings come the bachelorette parties, bridal showers and lots of planning.  This weekend was no exception.  Realizing that I had a puppy who needs more attention that I could give this weekend, I made the decision to send her with another dear friend of mine who raised puppies with me when I was younger.  She is very knowledgable and is also quite experienced with puppy raising so I knew I could send her without any worries.  She is another friend of mine who is desperately wanting to raise for CCI and she plans to apply as soon as she can find a new house.  I’m crossing my fingers that’s soon!

I spent all day Friday dreading the hand off.  This would be the first time my girl would be in another person’s home without me.  I was worried that she would act out, have an accident on the floor, eat everything in sight and cause my dear friend to not only bail on our years of friendship, but bail on raising for CCI.  I spent an hour typing up a novel filled with everything she would ever need to know about my sweet girl, which I promptly left at the office.  Strike one.

I raced home and let my girl out, snuggled with her a bunch, fed her lunch and packed everything I own for her.  I wish I were exaggerating that part.  The only thing she didn’t take with her were a couple toys and her crate.  Everything else, including the puppy raising manual, went with.  Well, except for her food bowl.  That was strike two.  In the chaos of trying to remember everything and get out the door on time I forgot one of the most important things!  Luckily my friend is a dog person herself, has a COC guide dog at home and plenty of dog accessories. 

We met at the restaurant at 5:30 and sat down for good food and good conversation.  It was so nice so we decided we would sit out on the patio.  How glorious for us all!  Helaine was happy with the breeze blwoing and I was happy that we weren’t sitting elbow to elbow with everyone that decided to have the same dinner time idea we had.  Her major issue was not wanting to go under the table or the chair.  This is very odd, as I’ve seen her go under many different objects including chairs.  The only thing I could think of was that she didn’t like the type of material it was.  It reminded me of metal grates.  She’ll walk over them but won’t lay under them.  Weird dog.  We’ll work on that.

After two hours it was time for me to hand that leash over.  I went over all the commands, hugged my girl, handed over the Helaine stockpile and handed her over.  As they walked away I looked back, but Helaine didn’t.  I really hope that’s what she does on turn in day.  Don’t look back, just keep moving forward.  *tear*  Okay enough about her future turn in. 

I worried from the time I dropped her off to the time I picked her up.  I missed her so much, and my room was far too quiet for my liking.  My heart was satisfied when I recieved the following text:


I was content from that moment on.  Though I was glad to have a bit of unadulterated time to myself, I was equally as excited at the thought of picking her up on Sunday afternoon.  She spent a lot of time on outdoor outings, but she did go into the casino on Saturday morning.  I would have NEVER thought to take a dog there, but it’s really a genius idea!  There are so many sights, smells, people and most importantly, sounds!  She apparently didn’t like the sounds that much but she handled it well.  I’m not much a gambler but I may have to stroll around the local casino every now and then!

I’m glad my girl is home now, but the next time she goes to the sitter I know my little heart will be well prepared.   


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