An Update From Helaine

Hello everyone!

Shhh don’t say anything, but I’M taking over the blog today.  I see my food lady has been talking me up quite a bit here, and to be truthful, I don’t blame her.  I AM pretty awesome after all.  I mean, just look at me.  I’m a rockstar.

helaine glasses

So, I’ve been hanging out in Washington state for about nine weeks now and I must say, it’s not so bad.  Sometimes I go outside and it’s sunny, sometimes I go outside and it’s raining.  Everything is green and tastes good.  When I play outside it’s my mission to taste as much as I possibly can!  The other day, I even snagged this weird slimy thing.  Mom said it’s called a slug.  I’m not sure what that means, but she wasn’t happy.  It left a weird taste in my mouth so I probably won’t do that again.  Oh who am I kidding?  Of course I will do it again.  Give me a break, I’m only four months old!  The world is my food dish!

Mom and I take trips almost every weekend.  I lovelovelovelovelove going out with her.  All the sights, smells and of course, tastes make me so happy.  Mom says I’m not supposed to lick things, and I try oh so hard.  But some times I just really gotta know what the cement tastes like.  I always get caught, but I’m rewarded with kibble when I do as I’m told and keep my tongue to myself.  Boy do I love that kibble!  I went and looked at a field full of flowers.  That was kind of boring.  Seriously who wants to look at a bunch of flowers!  They taste better than they look I promise.  Humans…they need to learn to live a little!

I have a little girl in my life who I love more than anything.  Her name is Errin and we have a great time together.  She’s just my size, and she gives me all the hugs a puppy could ever ask for.  I get so excited when I see her, but I haven’t knocked her over yet!  She tries to share her snacks with me, but I ignore them the best I can with a little guidance from mom.  I love her and all kids.  They are my favorite.  They are so fast and make fun sounds!  I could spend all day with kids.

Mom keeps talking about a trip we’re taking!  We’re flying on a plane and we leave next week!  I’ve flown in a plane before, but this time I won’t have to ride in my crate and I’m so excited.  We’re going to visit family in Colorado and I’m gonna make some new dog friends.  Mom’s a bit nervous to fly with me because I’m a couple weeks shy of five months old and she is worried I won’t be able to handle it being so young.  I’m doing my best to show her that everything will be fine and we will have a great trip.  Rumor has it I’ll get a pat down when we go through security.  I don’t see any downside to this traveling thing at all!

I’m growing every day, and when I was weighed last week I was a sleak 30 lbs exactly.  Mom says I’m tiny, but I think she’s crazy.  I’m growing up!  I love learning new things, and performing my commands.  My favorite is the bed command, but that’s because I’m kind of a lazy girl.  I play hard, but I also relax hard.  I will go to bed any time I’m asked.  I got a new kennel last week, and that’s my new favorite hangout spot.  It’s HUGE!  There is so much room for activities.  Don’t worry, they’re all good.  Just check out the difference between my baby crate, and my new and improved digs!


small crate


See!  So much room!  I love it, and I sleep like a rock all night long.  I sometimes snore so loud that mom has to wake me up.  It’s not very fair, but I quickly fall back to sleep and return to dream land.  I especially love when I get to cuddle with her and fall asleep.  She’s the best, and not just because she feeds me.  She also plays with me, makes sure I get outside when I really gotta go, and don’t forget…she gives me my water which I love so much!  To show her I care, I make sure to save some water in my flews and then walk over to her and I’ll do the visit command all on my own.  She’s never as excited about it as I think she’ll be, but I do it anyway because I love her. 

Well, it’s time to go!  I’ve got a nap to squeeze in before I go to puppy class tonight.  I don’t stay this beautiful by skipping my nap times!  Thanks for following my journey, and I’ll be sure to pop in from time to time to tell you how it really is! 

Puppy kisses and tail wags,



2 thoughts on “An Update From Helaine

  1. Helaine – You ARE a smart puppy, knowing how to type and spell and create sentences. You are sooooo graduating!!! You are adorable and I am so proud of how much you are learning. I know you WILL be an awesome traveler for your Mum – so enjoy and smile at the camera (wink).

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