One of the incredible puppy raisers/breeder caretakers from California sent out a mass e-mail to the email groups to send patriotic pictures of our puppies so she could make a slideshow for her sister who is serving overseas, as well as all our awesome men and women in uniform.  I took that opportunity to share a couple of pictures of Helaine with soldiers.  The video came out yesterday and it is awesome! 

Watching this video made me so proud for so many different reasons.  The first and foremost being that I live in this incredible country, with selfless individuals who choose to make protecting our freedoms their life’s work.  I am also proud that I have such an awesome family of puppy raisers, and that I am lucky enough to be a part of this elite group of individuals. 

America is the greatest country on Earth and if you don’t agree with it, that is your right BECAUSE you live in the greatest country on Earth.  Land of the free, beacuse of the brave.  Heck yes I support them!



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