That’s how many days Helaine and I have been working together.  Five months seems like a lot less time when you put it into days.  I still cannot believe how far we’ve come since the day I picked her up in March.  We’ve gone through storms, holidays, a wedding, a whole lot of outings, many apperances at events representing CCI, a trip to Colorado and a partial move with one more to come in September.  And it’s only been 154 days!  Holy moly, if we have completed that much in such a short time, I can’t imagine what the next year has in store for us!  Yes, we only have a year left together.  Crazy thought huh?  Well, at least it is for me.  For the sake of not bursting into tears, let’s catch up on what Helaine and I have been doing in the last few weeks!

A week ago Saturday, Helaine and I joined several other raisers and puppies at an awesome event called Challenge Air . Challenge air is an incredible organization that is comprised of volunteers and donors.  Whether it is a volunteer who is serving lunch, or someone donating their time and their private plane, these people are genuinely wonderful and selfless.  Challenge air gives the opportunity of flight to special needs children in our community.  After completing a 30 minute “flight school” they get an opportunity to go up in a private plane and fly.  It was really quite the awe-inspiring event.  These kids were so excited!  And there was a volunteer crew that cheered as each group of little pilots went on to the airfield to board their planes.  We had so many visitors stop by and talk to us about our dogs.  I even met a family who is on the waiting list for a Skilled Companion!  All day the one thing I couldn’t get out of my mind was…”what if I met Helaine’s forever person today!”  Oh it gives me chills just THINKING about it.  How incredible would that be?  It makes me teary just thinking about it.


I love her sweet expression.


Our puppies are the best!


This is Helaine, your captain speaking!


After a LONG day at challenge air, she fell asleep instantly.

Monday, many people and many puppies began the final stage of the puppy raising journey, as team training began around the country.  We have six perfect pups from our chapter who have potentially met their matches this week.   Of course I am rooting for each and every one of them, but I’m particularly rooting for a pretty yellow Lab named Haddie, and crossing my fingers that she has met her forever person.  I have been truly blessed in meeting Haddie’s puppy raising family, and getting to share this roller coaster ride with them has been something I’ve truly cherished.  It’s almost come full circle…last August I found the blog that led me to puppy raising, and that puppy has a very good chance at graduating on August 16th.  Pretty nifty how life and God works huh?  Blows my mind.

This week is really rather busy for us as well.  As I’ve already explained in this post I had the chance to judge some educational displays and breed posters this year.  Well, yesterday was my first round.  The way Skagit County Fair works when you’re a dog exhibitor is you either show in the first two sets of days, (Wednesday and Thursday) or the second two sets of days (Friday and Saturday.)  Unless you have two dogs, then you’re at fair all week.  Helaine and I will be back on the fairgrounds on Friday to judge the second group of posters, and I will be volunteering my time in any way needed.  The way I see it is, 4-H gave me so much…why not give back if I have the time?  So the time I shall give. 

The fair wasn’t in full force last night, but the carnival was set up and the workers were doing test runs to make sure everything is perfect for opening day.  Helaine got a small dose of fair festivities, and she handled them all well.  I know I had talked about her fear period a few weeks back, but since that date I haven’t noticed as much.  There are some sounds that may startle her, but she always always recovers and doesn’t bothered by them.  Hopefully we’re moving right a long and I overreacted about her worries at the fire station.  I’m a worry wart, what can I say?

It’s my favorite time of summer…fair time!  Stay tuned for more posts about all of our fair adventures!


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