Dear America

As I was relaxing over the weekend watching country music videos on GAC (Great American Country) there was a commercial that outlined a campaign using Instagram photos.  The task is simple, make sure to tag #dearamerica in pictures that illustrate what we love about this incredible country.  They will then choose pictures to display on their webpage, which may eventually be featured in their commercials!  I thought that was an interesting campaign and I began browsing through my Instagram.  (For those of you that don’t know what Instagram is, it’s a social media app for pictures!  It’s really quite awesome, and Helaine is a star of course!)  I found a picture that I love of My Girl out at Washington Park, and made sure to tag GAC in it.  Well, I got the email today asking my permission for them to display the picture on their website for the preliminary round of their Dear America competition.  I was shocked and excited!  Now, here is where you all come in.  The pictures with the most views will move on to be featured in their commercials.  All you have to do is view the picture.  That’s it!  Then, if you’re feeling extra generous, you can share the link with your friends to add more views!  That is all!  So if you wouldn’t mind, please click here to view and then share with your friends!  Let’s make Helaine a star!

And, in case you were wondering which picture I chose…well here it is:


Being a puppy raiser is what I love about America.  The fact that every day people like me can make an impact in such a giant way, well that’s just awe-inspiring.   Helaine is the shining example of everything good and pure in this world.  And a photograph with such majesty in the back ground really just hits home to me. 


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