Almost Wordless Wednesday: Kibble Challenge Take: 2

Back when Helaine was a tiny 16 week old puppy, we modified the Kibble Name Game challenge to suit her short attention span.  For those who missed it, you can view it here.  Now that Helaine is a smart eight months old, with a slightly longer attention span and a dash more self control, I decided that before she had dinner the other evening, we would try this original name game again. 


This was the best picture I could get of her.  She is in the standard “Down” position, but all the other pictures she looked worried that she wouldn’t get to have her meal, and that I was just going to spend dinner time playing with her food.  She was patient as a puppy could be, as I meticulously laid out each kibble to form her name, and then when I decided to make it cutesy with the heart, she didn’t even blink.  But, picking up each piece after I snapped a picture was the most grueling thing I could have ever done to her and she let me know it by proceeding to drip a fountain of drool all over the kitchen rug that she is so proudly laying on.  Thanks My Girl.

We have been staying with my family since the beginning of August, as our home was inundated with mold and we had to move quickly.  It’s been really fun being with my dad and brother, especially since Helaine gets to spend time with them both during the day.  My dad works nights, and my brother has Monday’s off so she is usually spending as much time as she can with them.  The other evening, I recieved a photo posted to my Facebook page from my brother.  He decided he was going to try his own Kibble Challenge.  The results speak for themselves.

1185328_635311649847435_1245951871_n (1)

I mean, obviously she doesn’t love my brother more…but she does love him an awful lot and it’s cute that my brother thinks it’s more than me.  I prove him wrong every time.  I will say she is a lot more relaxed than she was when I was doing it.  And this is also proof that she can be handled by anyone and she will listen.  Good girl!



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