Puppy in Disguise

Our training classes are held every week at a training facility that has graciously contracted out time to us for the last ten or so years.  Sometimes, instead of having class at our regular location, we make special outings like the Redmond Fire Department.  This week was one of those outings.  We took all of our puppies (at normal class times) to a party/costume store in Redmond.  Firstly, let me say that I detest driving in Redmond (or any large city.)  I was cursing the city as I was hitting every red light from the interstate to the party store. 

Helaine had a really healthy nap from my town to the party store.  She’s been going to college on Wednesdays with my dear friend who is a past puppy raiser for guide dogs.  She’s been having a blast, but she’s been exhausted before class.  Thankfully our almost two hour drive provides plenty of nap time for her and she’s ready to go by the time we get to class.  Wednesday was no different.  She sprung from the car ready to take on the challenge and let me tell you, it was more fun than a challenge. 

We started out in the front of the store.  There was an interesting Halloween display with plenty of ghouls and goblins.  There was a barrel filled with water, and a sea zombie looking thing popped up out of it.  Each puppy was to do an “Up” onto the edge of the barrel.  Even though My Girl was almost too short to reach, she executed her command and had zero fear.  She was so good!  Then we moved on to this:

party store 1

It was a creepy zombie thing in a body bag.  She was a bit creeped out about it at first, but with the help of a lot of treats, she was brave enough to stand next to it.

party store 2

After venturing around the creepy sections, we decided it was time to play dress up with our pups.  I had never really tried putting things on Helaine’s head or face, with the exception of some antlers when we were in Colorado.  I had no idea how she would react, but I gave it a shot and she actually tolerated most everything.  She didn’t necessarily enjoy it.  But, she didn’t put up a fight.  I think she would make a perfect companion for a child.  She would let them do anything to her.

party store 3


party store 6

  Those eyes.  Those are her “mommmmm….you’re embarassing me” eyes.

party store 7

This one is one of my favorites.  Someone’s got a monkey on her back. 

party store 4

Maybe if this service dog thing doesn’t work out, she can be a sailor!

party store 5

Or a showgirl?

Now, for the grand finale in cuteness.  Prepare yourself folks.  It doesn’t get much better than this……

party store 8

Did you prepare yourself for this much cute?  I didn’t think so.  Helaine very rarely gets to see her best friend, Kolby because classes aren’t aligned like they were when they first landed in Washington.  Kolby goes to the Tuesday classes for 4-H, and Helaine and I always go to the Wednesday class.  It was a rare treat to have L, H, J and Kolby in class with us…two weeks in a row!  It’s pretty awesome that Kolby and Helaine are BFF’s, because I am rather fond of his puppy raising family and as our puppies have grown up together, I’ve grown up as a puppy raiser with them.  It was a really really awesome outing, and I enjoyed seeing my cute little puppy in disguise. 

*L, thank you for taking all of these pictures of my girl and thank you for being such a dear friend.  I love love LOVE  and cherish you and your family so and I look forward to more adventures in the coming year!


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