Pumpkins With my Pumpkin

Over the weekend, Helaine and I went on an outing with our chapter president and her cute puppy, Merced.  This is my first time EVER visiting a pumpkin patch with a puppy in training and thinking about it now, I’m not sure why I’ve never been.  It was an awesome experience.  There were so many smells and so many different things to see.  And of course, the photo-ops are seemingly endless!  It was a really wonderful day.  I am so fortunate to have made such great friends in this puppy raising world, and outings are always fun when there is someone to share the adventure with. 

pumpkins 4

pumpkins 8




Yes, my almost 10 month old can still fit in a wheel burrow. 


One of my favorites.  She looks so pensive.




Minutes later, she took a dive off the slide, and went back to the puppy park days.


Seeing double?  Helaine is on the Left, Merced on the right. 


She’s my best friend.  Love my girl!

Thank you Lisa and Merced for joining us on this adventure!  Outings with you are always the best, and I look forward to more puppy adventures!


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