Experiencing Music

I am a country girl to the core.  I wear boots and jeans and I love beer and shooting my guns and wheeling up in the hills.  Helaine has had quite the “childhood” growing up in the woods.  No she doesn’t go wheeling or hang out while I’m shooting guns, but she doesn’t see busy crowded streets, hear honking horns constantly or trains passing by.  We don’t walk down busy sidewalks because…well…in a town filled with less than 1000 people, there just aren’t opportunities like that.  In order to expose her to as many things as I possibly can and set her up for the best life as a service dog, this country girl has to drive her self two hours south, to the city of Seattle.  And that is just what I did a couple of weekends ago.


The city and I get along about as well as cat and mouse.  Every time I plan a trip to Seattle, I have these high hopes, wonderful thoughts and a stomach full of excitement just thinking about it.  And then….then I get there.  I curse it from the moment I hit the exit and begin my drive down the busy streets.  I instantly get anxious and frustrated and I am stricken with worry.  I hate the city.  I hate it so much.  But I love it too, once I’m out of my car and ready to start the adventure.

Seattle is filled with museums of just about anything you can think of.  With my previous puppies in training, I had never thought to take a puppy to a museum.  This is my new favorite outing, especially on a rainy day.  It’s easy, stimulating and it’s most importantly a great way to spend a soggy day and lets face it, I live in Washington state.  We get more rain than sun in any given year.  Museums come in handy during these soggy months we’re sliding in to.

We started the day off at an auction meeting to go over what worked and what didn’t on the night of the Gala.  (I would just like to take a quick moment to say that it was a true pleasure working with each of those ladies during the last year.  I had a really great time getting to know each and every one of them.) Since the meeting was already half way to Seattle, I decided that I would take the chance to go down and visit one of the many museums.  This trip was all about Experience Music Project, or more commonly known as the EMP.  This museum is about music and pop culture.  There is a stage you can rock out on, a giant mega movie screen called the Sky Church and the third floor is dedicated to the sound lab where you can pick up and play a variety of different instruments.  The EMP was just awesome.  The first floor held exhibits dedicated to Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, neither of which I care for so I was initially disappointed.  I was on the verge of just leaving when I found some really awesome exhibits.  The first one was about the whimsical movies.  Think The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, The Chronicals of Narnia  etc.  It was amazing.  There were costumes from some of the movies and of course I just had to have a picture of Helaine in front of a few of them. 



This was my favorite part.  It’s one of my favorite movies!


The pictures are SO dark because the lighting was dimmed to add effect to the costumes. 


David Bowie’s costume from Labyrinth.


There was also an exhibit about horror movies and why we seem to be addicted to them.  It was incredibly fascinating and had a ton of props and costumes from horror movies through the decades.  I didn’t get any pictures of Helaine here because it was dark and kind of spooky and I wanted to watch her reaction to make sure she wasn’t nervous or fearful.  Thankfully she wasn’t, but I was prepared to work her through whatever level of fear she could have shown!

After those exhibits, we were pretty much done.  There wasn’t much left to be seen, so we stepped out the back entrance and snapped a few quick pictures of Helaine in front of the pretty building.





She has a knack for ignoring the camera.  Stinker


Typical fall photo


After our mini photoshoot and our adventure around the EMP, we went to Northgate for lunch and headed back to the country.  It was a really great trip all in all, and I’m excited and looking forward to going back to the city for another adventure in December.  Even though I’ll complain and curse it, I will love it and the experiences it’s giving my girl. 



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