Back in November, the big man came to puppy class to collect food for his chosen charity, as well as hang out and get pictures taken with our puppies.  He is by far one of the coolest Santa’s I’ve seen.  His suit was AWESOME and he was the perfect Santa for dog lovers like us.  He doesn’t mind if he gets hair or slobber on the suit, and when you get your puppy up there, he will take that leash and hide it as best as he can so it doesn’t show in the pictures.  Helaine isn’t as photogenic as I wish she was.  In fact, it takes a lot of effort and a lot of pictures in order to get a few good ones with her ears perked and a happy look on her face.  Of course, Santa pictures were no different, and even with several squeekies, a bunch of people jumping and flailing their arms we still got a sub-par photo.  Thus is life.  You can’t win them all!


Stay tuned, I’ve got several pictures from our contract trainer from way back in October during Halloween.  I smell a Flashback Friday poste coming soon! 


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