Christmas with Helaine was nuts.  It started with my Granpa going to the hospital early Christmas morning, and being admitted.  Because I have a refusal to shop on Christmas day, I intentionally left her vest at home so I wouldn’t be tempted to stop in anywhere.  Little did I know, that would be a huge mistake.  When I heard we had to go to the hospital instead of our first of two Christmas celebrations, my first reaction was “oh my goodness, I don’t have her vest.”  CCI is well known in the hospital he is staying at.  A couple of our PR’s take their dogs in quite regularly.  Not wanting to take advantage of a program they’ve been working with for years, I made the decision to let Helaine stay in the car on her dog bed.  She absolutely LOVED it and I don’t think she moved a muscle.  I think I should travel with a dog bed more often.  She really really seemed to enjoy it. 

After we left the hospital to let my grandpa rest, we were met by three excitable dogs at my aunts house.  She was incredibly overwhelmed by the welcoming committee but seemed to tolerate it quite nicely.  However, she did get to spend about 45 minutes by herself to decompress.  It was the busiest day she’s had since we went to Colorado I think!

Lastly, we went to my dad’s girlfriends house for our second Christmas gathering.  Here she was able to hang out with all of us the rest of the evening, and there was a little boyt to play with for the duration of the visit.  I will admit, he was really rough with her.  But she is so awesome and wasn’t rough back.  He was grabbing her tail, skin, neck…everywhere you could grap and get a hand full of puppy he was grabbing.  I was exceptionally proud when someone said “I am so surprised she hasn’t bit him yet.  Most dogs would have by now.”  Well, miss lady, Helaine isn’t most dogs!  She rounded out the evening with a snooze on the way home, and some time to decompress at home before going to bed.

And now, here is where the title comes in.  Yesterday evening, Helaine was acting exceptionally strange down by her…lady bits.  Well, after a quick check it was determined that she has in fact, started her heat cycle.  This came at one of the most inconvenient times.  Firstly, it was discovered just minutes before the kennel closed.  Secondly, I don’t get off work until 5:30 and the Kennel (which is an hour or more away from my work) closes at 6:00 and I’m due to go out of town after work.  Thankfully the kennel is right on the way, and a double thankful that I just so happen to have a good friend who works at that kennel as the training manager.  It is a training facility, doggy daycare and boarding kennel!  She is also a past CCI puppy raiser so she will be staying late and graciously opening her arms to my girl for the next three weeks.  I will have picture updates and the peace of mind that she will be with someone I know and trust.  Thank goodness.  Also..it is right on the way to my out of town destination.  It was written in the stars to happen this way.  So, Helaine will be absent from my home and the blog may take a hit.  If you don’t hear anything for the next three weeks, then I’ll see ya then!


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