Snow Day!

When Helaine arrived in March of 2013, we were on the tail end of an abnormally warm winter.  We didn’t get any snow in my neck of the woods, so my girl never got to experience it.  I have moved farther up in the mountains now, so I’ve been crossing my fingers and praying for snow since summer ended.  The Snow Gods heard my prayer, and answered them with an abundance of the white stuff.  We had four or so inches, that stuck around for a couple of days.  I was able to get some regal photos of my girl hanging out in the powdery goodness, but she ran too quickly to get pictures of her playing.  She absolutely loved it.  She would root around and eat it like there was no tomorrow.  She got the zoomies and ran non stop for a solid six minutes.  She was so enthusiastic and I hope we get more throughout the winter.  We’re not ready to give up winter just yet!


She is not a fan of pictures.  It takes a lot to get a good one…


Like Natural Balance food rolls turned into treats!



The above two are my favorite.  She is just so precious.

I am thankful that I have these pictures of my girl, to remember her first snow by!  It was an absolutely perfect snow day! 


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