Hockey Night with CCI


A couple of weeks back, we had our annual hockey outing to see the Everett Silvertips in action.  This time last year I was still without a puppy physically, although I had my girl’s assignment already.  I opted to skip last year’s outing as I didn’t want to be without a bundle of cuteness amongst all the other puppy raisers.  I am so glad I was able to go this year, and what an amazing experience it was for Helaine!

It all started with a quick stop at security.  The lanes were wide and slowly narrowed to the checkpoints where people were getting their bags rummaged through by people looking to protect everyone and confiscate things that were unacceptable.  I don’t carry a bag when I’m out training, so we breezed through it with no issues.  Then it bottlenecked even more to get through the doors into the stadium.  Once inside, it was so incredibly loud!  I guess that’s to be expected in a concrete stadium filled with enthusiastic hockey fans.  We had met up with Lisa and Merced outside and wandered through the stadium to find our group, which wasn’t very hard.  All we had to do was look for the pups!  There was an awesome turn out!  We had to wade through other puppies and people who were stopped to gaze at them and get some sweet cuddles in.

Every year, the Silvertips honor our chapter with a ride on the Fanboni.  If you asked me to explain what it is, I’d tell you it is a tricked out ice machine with flashing lights, mega sweet rims and enough seating for a small group to get their five minutes of fame.  I can’t really tell you what it’s truly for.  Maybe I hit the nail on the head though.  You tell me!  We also get a shout out and our chapter name on the big screen.  Pretty awesome if you ask me!  And it’s an amazing way to get the word out about our group to such a large audience!

I love hockey.  Everything about it.  I don’t understand it, but I love it nonetheless.  We had a big section reserved for our group, and we settled in to watch the first half.  I was surprised that Helaine handled it in stride.  Though, to be honest, I’m not sure why her solid attitude surprises me anymore.  I can say this, I’ve gotten EXTREMELY lucky with this girl.  She’s so even tempered.  She doesn’t have any fears, except for that fear period that lasted a millisecond when she was five or six months old.  When we scored a goal, huge sirens went off and people started shaking their cowbells.  It shocked me that the most reaction they got of Helaine was her sitting up from her down position, to examine the building.  She would check in occasionally, to make sure I was still okay.  But other than that, she rested easily and fell asleep at one point.  Good girl Helaine!




hockey 2

We only stayed half the time.  She was quite clearly bored and it was getting late.  Because I live a solid hour away from the venue, I decided to leave early with her.  We stopped at a grocery store on the way home, but she slept almost the entire ride.  She’s my heart dog.  I love that she takes everything in stride.  No worries, no fears, and she has complete trust in me.  She has made this re-introduction to puppy raising a true dream and has reignited my love and passion for this type of service.  Thank you, Helaine.  You will forever me my heart dog.



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