Tip-toeing Through the Tulips 2014


As most of you know by now, I live in the Skagit Valley. If any of you know where that is, it’s likely because you’ve heard of the famous Tulip Festival. The event brings people from all over the world to our tiny neck of the woods for an entire month. It’s truly a stunning sight to see. It’s not every day you drive passed a field brimming with vibrant colors! I have taken all of my dogs to the fields, and as long as I raise puppies, I will always visit the fields.

tulips 23

tulips 6

 tulips 8

tulips 2

tulips 4

tulips 5

This year was extra special for me though. Not only is this the last Tulip Festival I have with Helaine, I also had some very special friends accompany me. Linda, he daughter, and Kolby traveled two hours to come, and our friend Monica, who is visiting from California and is staying with them, came up to see them too! It was a great day filled with many many laughs, smiles, and cuteness. I am so lucky to have so many great friends! This past weekend reiterated that for me.

tulips 9

tulips 10

tulips 11

tulips 12

tulips 24


We started out the day enjoying lunch at one of my favorite little cafes, The Farmhouse. Helaine and I have been going there since she was about 11 weeks old, and they are always so welcoming of us. We have never had a bad experience there. The puppies were well behaved, but took some time to settle together under the table. They love each other SOOOO much. They spent some time nuzzling and loving each other, but they soon settled and snoozed while we talked and laughed and enjoyed a nice lunch.

tulips 13

tulips 14

tulips 15

tulips 16

tulips 17

tulips 25


We proceeded to the tulip fields, and spent a significant amount of time in traffic. Our country roads are not designed to handle this volume of traffic, so it’s very common to be stuck in a line of traffic, especially with the weather as beautiful and warm as it was. On the way, Monica introduced me to a song that I had never heard before. Tiptoeing Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim. That was…interesting and uncomfortable.   But it was extra fun having Monica serenade us as we in fact tip toed through the tulips!

tulips 18

tulips 19

tulips 20

tulips 21

tulips 22

tulips 26

This was the very first time I had ever met Monica in person. We have been friends via Instagram, and then Facebook for around a year. We have been chatting for so long, it didn’t even feel like we were meeting for the first time…it felt like I was seeing an old friend for the first time in ages. I love friendships like that! It was so fun having her in my neck of the woods, even if it was for just a day. Thanks for coming up Monica and for being SOOOO fun!

tulips 30


tulips 29

tulips 28


tulips 27


I adore the tulips, I enjoy the Tulip Festival and I especially love being able to share puppy raising adventures with such awesome people. This was a great time, even though this was our first of many lasts with our puppies. I’m glad the three of us are turning in together! I’m glad I get to call them friends….and there is no one I would rather Tip Toe Through the Tulips with!


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