Dear Helaine

Dear Helaine,

In just shy of four months from now, we’ll be spending our last day together. We will wake up that morning in a hotel room. I will give you your breakfast, and you’ll wag your tail furiously in your normal early morning excitement. You will gulp down your breakfast in utter delight, while I pretend to eat mine. For you, it will be just another day filled with adventure, but what you don’t yet know is that it will be the first day of the biggest adventure of your life.

You see, on that August day in California, the next installment of your great life will begin. We will arrive at Canine Companions for Independence, the exact place where the history of us began when I got that phone call last February. We will trade your yellow puppy cape for a regal blue matriculation cape. We will spend the day playing in the yard, hanging out with your Kolby, and we will also get to see a lot of dogs graduate with their new forever people. I will look down at you laying at my feet, and I will smile, shed a tear, pat your head, and continue to marvel at the thought that we could be there some day. You will look up at me, and wag your tail softly. Oh beautiful girl, you’re still so clueless to this significant day.

After the festivities of the day wind down, you will say goodbye to Kolby and his family, and we will spend time together. I will hug you and tell you how pretty you are, how amazing you have been and how you have changed my life. You will lean into my hugs and lick the tears from my face. I will try to correct you for licking, but I will just forgive it and continue holding you in my arms. After several minutes, I will finally find the courage to walk you to our last stop as Puppy Raiser and Puppy in Program.

When we arrive, you will undoubtedly be excited to see your new friends, the people who will be loving you and taking care of you during your stay. I will give you a few more hugs and hundreds of kisses, and then I will find it within me to hand your leash over. You will walk away from me, and disappear behind a door. I will not see you for a very long time, but I will never stop loving you, and rooting for you.

Yes, all that will happen in just shy of four months from today. I know it doesn’t seem possible for us to be separated like that, but it is possible little girl. You have a destiny to meet, and that destiny is so much more than playing in the yard, and visiting your friends at puppy class, and going on cool outings. You see, there is someone right now, who has been waiting for you since before you were even born. Now, I don’t know that person, but I know that they are absolutely 100% perfect for you. And they are praying for you to come into their life. They are wondering when they will get that call to come and meet you. They are hopeful my girl, and so am I.

I know that sounds like a lot of pressure to put on a tiny little dog like you, but trust me…you can handle it. You’ve been bomb-proof since the day you came off that plane. You’ve been ahead of the curve since day one, and you have proven to me time and time again that you want to work for someone too. I just want you to know, baby girl, if you decide to change your mind and working isn’t for you after all you can always come home again. I will not love you any less if you cannot handle the structure of a working life. But I pray you try hard, learn as much as you can, and give it your very best effort. I wouldn’t expect any less.

I am thankful for these remaining months that I have with you. While they will fly by faster than I could ever imagine, I am going to savor all these sweet moments. We will spend just a little bit longer playing in the yard. Our walks will be a bit farther, and our snuggles will be a bit closer. And then that day will come and you will walk away into your destiny without any hesitation, and without even looking back. You will carry a piece of my heart with you today, tomorrow and always. You are my Little, and I love you with everything that I have. You’ve raised me.


With Love,

Your proud puppy raiser.


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