Inez III

inez tub

She is the Fifth puppy born out of nine, which means she gets the honor of wearing the hot pink collar.  Helaine is also a hot pink little, and I’ve heard rumor that most hot pinks are very sweet, and easy going.  It was true for Helaine, so I’m hoping that we keep going with the sweet and easy going.  Eight days from now, at 11:08 AM, I will  be meeting this sweet girl for the first time.  I’ve been quite melancholy the last couple of days, as I’ve been looking through old photos of the day I picked up my current girl.  It is a surreal feeling knowing that in just over a week I’ll be starting the puppy raising process over again.  These days are so bittersweet.  It doesn’t seem like Helaine and I should be nearing the end of our time together, and likewise it doesn’t feel like I should be getting another puppy already.  Time just flies so quickly, and I am looking forward to my journey with Inez, and Helaine’s separate journey as an individual.  I know she can do great things, and although it hurts a bit, I know she’s ready to learn and do and see more than what I can provide for her.  It’s time.  She know’s it’s time, and I do too.  Stay tuned!  There will be puppy pictures like you wouldn’t believe!


8 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. That is the cutest photo ever! It’s funny, all the little tiny puppies I met (or “met”) when Cassius & I were matched are now heading off to advanced training – it’s amazing we’ve been a team long enough for that to happen!

    • It’s amazing indeed! Turn in time is always an emotional time, because of all the graduations that take place…but this one is even more so because…well…you know. 😥 I am looking forward to seeing a graduation in real life though. And the vacation I will be taking after I pass the leash to the trainers. It’s the getting through it that’s going to take some time, some tears, and some extreme bravery.

      • Oh yes, the first Graduation/Matriculation I attended was my own – probably not the best idea 😉 If it works out I’ll be there in August watching Graduation & can offer post turn-in Cassius cuddles.

  2. Thank you so much for raising CCI puppies. You and other PRs provide such a loving, invaluable service. It really takes an amazing person to raise puppies and to be able to hand them back over to CCI for AT and Team Training. These dogs will go on to enrich someone’s life. Mere words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for my dear Brynna. Bless your heart.

    ~ Love from a very grateful CCI Graduate Team

    Robbi & Brynna II

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. It is my pleasure to be a puppy raiser for Canine Companions. The decision to puppy raise is as easy as breathing for me. These dogs change my life in more ways than I can even imagine…and I am so so thankful for the opportunity! Thank you for checking out my blog as well!

  3. I am so beyond excited for you, my dear friend! I cannot believe that in just FIVE days you will meet Miss Inez!!! I ca’t wait to hear all about it! Hugs!

    • Trust me! I can’t believe it either! I am so excited and nervous and sad and happy all at the same time. It’s a strange set of emotions! I can’t wait to share all about her! Thanks for hanging in there every step of the way!

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