A Day at the Museum

We had been here before, and we’ve explored the exhibits together.  Another trip to the Muesum of History and Industry in Seattle was on the schedule for this last Saturday.  Thinking back now, I can’t believe how brave we were to take two five month old puppies to a museum. To think that they handled it so well that we didn’t even realize they were only five months old is something I will always remember, and know that I won’t always have such a solid puppy at such a young age.


Helaine at the Museum, 5 months old.


Helaine at the museum, 18 months old

It was awesome getting together wtih my favorite puppy raising family and re-doing the same outing we did a year and a week earlier.  A year ago, I was just getting to know this family.  It was one of our first (if not our first) outings together.  Time has truly passed so quickly, and it seems that we have fit an entire lifetime between then and now.  Now we are incredibly close, and they are an extended part of my family.  Then we were practically strangers in comparison.  Time flies when it’s measured in CCI puppies!

We started our trek around the musem and into an exhibit that we participated in last year.  We took pictures of our puppies with their camera, and then put their answers in.  I’m not sure what this exhibit is for, but it is filled with people from all over the country and world who visit the museum.  Helaine had a pretty awesome innovative idea.


Our intentions were to find some of the exhibits we visited last year in order to re-create those photos.  We were disappointed to find that those exhibits had been replaced by new ones, but only for a moment.  This outing was new, and we created new memories.



One of our first stops was the very top of the museum.  Here you could see across Lake Union.  The Dragonboat Festival was taking place that day, and the park was crawling with paddlers from all over.  From the top of the museum, you could see the entire race.  It was actually pretty neat, though we didn’t quite understand what was going on.


Helaine hanging out with J.

We took some time to just visit and take in the moment.  We are on the downward spiral into Turn In, and this is one of our last outings we will ever have together with these puppies.  If they are placed, they will have new adventures in a new town with their new family.  If they are released and come home, they will be our loving pets and will no longer adventure into places like the museum.  It hurts my heart a bit, thinking that Helaine may never go on adventures like this.  She absolutley loves bein in public and exploring new spaces.  I hope she graduates so she can continue exploring.



We practiced commands with our Helaine and Kolby on all surfaces, in all parts of the museum.  I still never tire of seeing these pups eagerly work and perform what is asked of them.  They are so bright, and you can tell they just love every minute of it.





One of the new exhibits that took the place of some of the older ones was all about chocolate.  We stepped through the doors and the smell of chocolate wafted around us.  It smelled good for about 30 seconds, and then it became overwhelming and stopped smelling like chocolate.  My friend L thought it smelled like erasers.  It wasn’t very pleasant.  The displays were pretty awesome though.  There was a giant box of chocolate and the seats were made to look like chocolates too.  As you can tell from the photos, Kolby wasn’t all that thrilled.



After exploring all of the museum, and seeing every single exhibit we sat down for lunch.  This gave us a perfect chance to discuss plans for Santa Rosa, the trips we’re taking after turn in, and if course we shared in lots of laughs and jokes.  These older folks sat down at the table next to us, and one of the men spent the entire time staring at Helaine and I.  When we stood up to leave, he started schooching his chair towards us while talking to Helaine.  Things like that just make me giggle.



After lunch we went out to the tugboat that was built in 1889.  We climbed aboard and went into the kitchen and where the bunks were.  It was an extrememly tight fit and we decided it was probably best to just go ahead and hang out on the deck.  Helaine thought this part of the outing was pretty neat though.  She did an “up” in the doorway and just stared out across the water.



After our time on the tugboat, we decided to take the light rail through Seattle and back to Lake Union.  This is something that I had been wanting to do with Helaine before turn in.  I know that a lot of graduates use public transportation, and the light rail systems are gaining popularity.  I know Oregon has MAX and California has BART.  I could tell Helaine was a bit nervous, but she eventually settled down and snuggled with Kolby, her forever best friend and protector.






It’s crazy to see the differences between Kolby and Helaine then, and now.  Their maturity has only grown, as well as their ability to adapt to changes in their daily activities.  It’s scary and sad to think that our job with them is almost done, but I know that they are going to thrive wherever it is they end up in life.  Whether Helaine becomes a breeder, whether Kolby graduates and helps someone daily, or whether they both decide to come home…it will be their choice and the destiny that was set for them before they were even born.  They were meant to change lives, and as far as I’m concerned, they have already changed quite a few.



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