One Month




It’s been one month today since I parted ways with my sweet Helaine.  As of this moment, I have not heard anything about her, which is good news.  Canine Companions promises we will get her first training report sometime during the first week of October, which means that the time between turn in and that report will span seven excruciatingly long weeks.  I miss her every single day, but I am also proud of her, for every day she chooses to stay in Advanced Training.

I wonder from time to time, what she’s doing and what she’s learning.  I often wonder if she thinks of me and misses her time spent in Washington, and every day I wonder what her future looks like in the program.  I am eagerly counting down all the days until that first report comes, because then I will at least *think* I have a grasp on which direction she is taking.

The breeders are being chosen now, and I’ve been told they usually contact the puppy raisers in the couple of weeks before the first training report comes out.  I have thought a lot about her becoming a breeder, and I would be honored if she was chosen.  She has always been a solid little puppy with great traits that I would love to see passed on, but of course I don’t have the power to make the decision so until it’s made, I’ll just have to sit back and wait.  Have I ever mentioned how impatient I am?

There isn’t a day that passes where I don’t talk about Helaine.  I spend a vast majority of each day having conversations with my dear friend Elle, and we often times talk about Kolby and Helaine.  We wonder together, and we talk about past stories.  Some days we share with each other our worries, and our fears.  Some days we cry together, and some days we just laugh and laugh.  Post turn-in is a very strange type of mourning, because we know that they are not physically departed from this earth…but in a sense it feels like they are.  I am forever thankful that I have someone walking each day alongside of me, who is in the very same position I am in.

Though I miss Helaine terribly, I am still so very excited at the thought of her graduating some day.  After all, graduation is the reason I even received Helaine to love and nurture.  I know I will see her again, whether that be in service dog blue, or whether that be at pick up from the CCI kennels, and I can honestly say I cannot wait until I see her again.

Helaine…you are such a rockstar.  You’ve made it one whole month and you’re on the right track!  Keep working hard, striving for greatness, and studying hard.  I am so proud of you for every single day you choose to continue on in the program.  Keep learning, keep loving, and keep moving forward!  You’ve got a whole plethora of people back home who are cheering you on.  We love you, we miss you, and we cannot wait to see you again some day.  Xoxo.


One thought on “One Month

  1. Yay for one month!!! I know it feels like an eternity, but now Helaine will be starting the fun stuff and start learning cool new tasks. 🙂 Hang in there though – I know how much it still hurts with that yellow ball of fluff missing. Hugs!

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