Trick or Treat

A couple of weeks ago was our annual trip to a local party store.  We don’t have many chapter outings together, mostly our classes consist of working at the kennels that have donated their space to our chapter for the last several years.  It’s always exciting when our chapter gets together and takes to the streets, because our dogs so often don’t get the chance to work together in a real life setting.  Of course, because it’s October, now is the best time to go to party stores and check out their spooky props and displays.

everything party 1

I love looking down and seeing this face looking up at me.

This year, I didn’t get any photos of Inez near the displays, because they just didn’t have much.  Last year they had a couple of big, startling displays and this year was just lacking.  That part was really disappointing, but one thing that didn’t disappoint was the amount of hats and other costume pieces we had available to dress our dogs up in!

everything party 2everything party 3

everything party 4everything party 5

Inez is much more tolerant than Helaine was with hats and disguises.  She really will do just about anything for some kibble, and I am serious about that.  She is such a good sport, always up for learning new things and and doing anything that provides a food reward.  This is one of her many good qualities.

everything party 6everything party 7

everything party 10everything party 8

It was especially fun because this was really one of our first outings together.  Today marks exactly one month since I brought Inez home full time, and in that time we’ve been working on building a relationship, and building trust with one another.  I didn’t want to throw her into a bunch of outings where she we didn’t fully know each other, and I wanted to give her some time to adjust.  Aside from our auction, we really hadn’t gone that many places.  This was a fun one because there was no stress on either of us.  We were just there having fun and creating memories.

everything party 11everything party 9

I will have Inez this time next year, so it will be fun to re-enact some of these photos and publish them for comparison!  “Trick or treat!” Inez says, “give me something good to eat…and make it kibble, please!”


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