Tulip Time

…and just like that, this blog has collected too much dust.

It was never my intention to let this blog suffer as much as it has, however the challenges of life sometimes throw wrenches in where they don’t belong.  I became the Vice President of my chapter, which has given me a whole new set of responsibilities.  I am also working with our DogFest committee to plan the first ever Seattle DogFest Walk and Roll event in October.  Throw in a 40+ hour per week job, and raising a cute puppy, and I’ve got a recipe for mayhem.  I’d like to think that life is going to start slowing down, but summer is closing in and with that comes a whole new layer of mayhem.

Life with Inez has been wonderful.  She has been a sweet puppy who is eager to please and loves to learn.  She is so spunky and charismatic, with just a hint of sass.  She has really come a long way in her training.  She knows all of her commands now, and we are working on generalizing them in all sorts of situations.  We have had our fair share of adventure in the last several months, which I will try to re-cap in future blog posts.  Today though, it’s all about the Tulips.

tulips 1

You may remember from years past, that one of my favorite outings to take a puppy in program on is to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  It is a once-a-year event, and it’s always a fabulous time for both me and my pups.  This year was no different.  The tulips bloomed about two weeks earlier than normal because of our abnormally warm winter. I was worried that we wouldn’t make it out before the end of the season because Inez had a season of her own and was off at the kennels.  Luckily she got out just in time, and we were able to grab some photos before the topped the rest of the blooms off.

tulips 6Tulips 32

tulips 4 tulips 3

Inez was fabulous among all the tourists.  She was calm and collected.  It had rained quite a bit a couple of days before, and there were large lake-like puddles in the fields.  The wind was catching them and making soft ripples, and she was intrigued by the movement of the water.  She is a water dog and loves to play in it, but she was able to maintain her self control and didn’t attempt to dive in.

tulips 8tulips 11

We met these kind ladies who had so many questions about Inez and the program.  They also had questions regarding the fake service dog epidemic.  They were so kind, and we spent a lot of time just chatting with them. It was lovely getting to share the mission of Canine Companions, as well as educate about why faking your dog as a service dog is a problem.

tulips 7tulips 10

tulips 15tulips 9

Overall, we had a fabulous outing and I am so looking forward to the many more adventures we have planned.  She is a stellar little puppy, and she has so much potential. While the biggest adventure of all is Advanced Training, we are going to continue these little adventures leading up to the big one.


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