149. That’s how many days have passed since I handed over Inez’s leash and told her I would see her again someday. That translates to just under five months. In many ways, it seems like the last five months have crawled at a snails pace. But when I think back over all the things I have done and the fact that it’s already April, I realize that these five months have flown by.

The last Wednesday of every month have become my favorite day of the month, however they are also my most nerve-wracking. Every Wednesday between 8:00 am and 10:00 am, I receive an email from Becca Bell, my Puppy Program Manager in Irving, Texas. The contents of the emails include Inez’s advanced training report. Admittedly, the first two months were quite rocky for little Inez. She struggled with some alert barking when seeing new or unfamiliar people around town and on campus. She was also showing suspicious behavior and didn’t appear to be trusting of strangers. However, that third report card is where everything turned around.

Inez has been working incredibly hard, and her trainer Madison has also been helping her through her nerves and her barking. She is alert and notices people, but she is now easily redirected and will give her attention to Madison when asked. She is moving along in training, and this last email said the following:

“Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the puppy that you raised will rotate through the May Team Training class at the South Central Regional Center!”

Wow. I had to read those words multiple times. I have waited a combined 11 years to read those words. The road I’ve traveled on to get to this point has been long and arduous. It has been filled with disappointment, loss, and great sadness. It has also been filled with more joy than I can ever put into words, friends who have become family, and adventures I never thought I would go on.

Since I was a wee child, I always wanted to raise a puppy and change a life. Only God knew that the life that would change was my own. I am so excited at the thought that Inez is one step closer to fulfilling every dream I’ve had for her. I am making my plans for Texas, and I am looking forward to hearing who her soul connects with. The next time I hear from Becca, I’ll hopefully be hearing the words that Inez has made a pre-match. Stay tuned, Inez’s story isn’t over yet.


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